Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

NEW UPDATE 0.7 (PC and Android)

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Knife To Meet You Guys!

We have worked a lot. It is our GREATEST UPDATE SO FAR with a lot of things – and I really hope you will like it.

  • Android store launched so you can get the full version and all the weapons on your mobile too. Check out what the full version gives you here.
  • Reward system: you can unlock levels for free (Android). Just invite your friends -> if they join you unlock some levels (and they also)! Note: this feature was needed because our biggest challenge is “getting noticed”. We can continue the development only if the game is noticed by new players. Thanks for you help :).
  • Graphics update (new colors, new backgrounds, birds, weapons remodelled and retextured)
  • Performance: we successfully made a huge performance increase
  • Quality settings: if it is still slow on your phone/pc then now you have 4 different level of quality in the settings menu to ensure the fantastic feeling of 60 fps – even on older devices!
  • Level update: now full version has 35 levels (15 new)
  • Bigger levels: we are experimenting with bigger levels and awaiting for your feedbacks which one you prefer (small levels are easier to focus and throw – but the big ones can have more features).
  • Weapon update: now full version has 15 weapons and models were rebuilt with better quality.
  • Separated level progress by weapons: this way you wont be tempted to compelte all level with the easy sawblade, plus it will give a huge extra content to complete the game with all the weapons (35 leves x 15 weapons = 525 mission)
  • End game reworked: now the drum start to roll when you only have 1 more object, and the cymbal comes when you hit it. After this you have 3 seconds to do a Finale
  • Finale feature added: when you complete a level you enter FINALE mode, a 3 second bar showing it and you can complete any more trick in this time.
  • Better visual of world records in completed screen.
  • Replay system is much more stable
  • Object interaction update: vehicle wheel mechanics, giant weapon level objects which can be used for your goals but also can kill your partner (shawblades, knives, etc).
  • Camera issues fixed (clipping, wrong positioning)
  • Win glasses bug fixed: Lol we realized we had a serious bug regarding wine glasses: instead of hit penalty -100, they gave you 2×100 if you sliced them :).
  • A new practice level as level 01 with 999 knives where you can freely practice everything from simple throw basics to complex tricks

Why the default knife has been changed?

We have now two basic weapons available for free or registered players: NO-SPIN KNIFE and SPIN KNIFE. So far we had only the SPIN KNIFE, but we realized it is too big challenge for new players to understand all the game mechanics PLUS our own developed throwing system in the same time. So we made NO-SPIN KNIFE the default starting weapon which is very easy to adopt, still you can discover all the game other features. I personally prefer SPIN KNIFE, it makes the real challenge of feeling for me, but I need to think about casual players who doesn’t want to dig into the game deeply to understand everything. If you also prefer the SPIN KNIFE, any time you can change it on the first level which is kinda “weapon selector level” and play the game the old way.

How to change weapons?

To play the game with a different weapon you have to play the first level. Here you can change to any available weapons (free android version has 2, full version has 15). Every weapon has separate level progress and separate leaderboards. It gives you more challenges to complete. Plus we have found that if we let players change weapons during the levels, they tend to choose the easy way just to complete levels quickly (even this Pro player doing this with sawblade weapon). This ruins the game experience, taking away the challenge, killing the whole concept of the game: Knife Throwing is NOT EASY! If you can’t finish a level with a weapon, start the game with another one from level 1.

So what’s next?

We hope the invite system will attract more players so we can see how much more we should invest in this project. Here you can read about our future plans more detailed.

Have fun,

Mate Magyar (developer)

CAUTION Cut Hazard: Product has functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away
from fingers and body. Handle with care. Use with adult supervision.

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