Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

Dice & Pool Update

1 min read

Hi guys, today we have released a great update. I hope you will like the new things. Here is what’s new:

  • Lot of bugfixes (tricks, messages, weapons, editor, localization, etc)
  • Reworked daily hard challenge (Medium difficulty removed, and Random challenge added where every day there is a different random weapon with medium difficulty)
  • New weapon: Dice (which represent 100% randomness where beginners have the same chance to make a world record
  • New weapon: Pool (hit the balls to make them active. Gravity is tricky here)
  • Balanced survive levels (less objects for non-slicing weapons)
  • Fixed target explosion
  • Fixed star object in survival mode
  • Fixed self-hit (the knife now stucks in the player character as it should)
  • Slow-mo can now be turned off globally in options menu if you want faster gameplay, or you just prefer constant time scale.
  • Automatic backup saves in the level editor
  • The last played story is now highlighted in the level select, so you will see where you were
  • Falling down camera in case of killing Bob fixed
  • Camera ground clipping fixed
  • Tutorials (and the techically same User Level descriptions) can now be reopened if you closed it before reading (pause menu, text bubble icon)
  • User profile World Record calculation (crown icons) are fixed