Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics


What is Knife To Meet You?

Knife To Meet You is a knife throwing videogame (PC, Android, iOS – soon) with total throw-control (spinning, power, direction), real physics simulation, object destruction (slicing, piercing, pinning) and competitive leaderboards, bullet time slow-mo and replay system.

How to complete levels?

You have 10 knives to complete the required RED tricks (bottom of the screen) without hitting your little friend: the Ringmaster.

How to throw?

Watch our tutorial video, or the detailed one, and practice. I can assure you with practice you will be able to hit even small objects in the air. The most common mistake are that new players try to throw with angry-bird style. In this game you need to watch the aiming star and use this to give your knife the desired spin/power/direction when you release it.

How to make high scores?

While completing the RED tricks try to use as few knives as possible: you get 100 points per unused knives. Try to do as many extra tricks as you can. Triple Combo worth the most. To do this you need 3 knives (-300 points) but it scores 100+200+300=600 points). Hit the remaining targets by completing additional tricks (throw the target with underhand or high spin throw). Another trick you should always go for is the Sacrifice Trick which gives 300 point for one knife. A good example for a multi-combination of tricks is the following: pass a knife to your friend with a high spin throw, quickly hit a target with underhand throw and make your friend’s throw complete the second combo. In the end hit your friend quickly while also trying to hit his Hat with the same throw.

This way you used 4 knives (-400) and completed SPIN, UNDERHAND, TEAM, COMBO, OVERTAKE, SACRIFICE, HAT tricks (+1400).

Can I throw only in 2d?

All level is made the way everything is in your 2D throwing plane. But actually the game works in 3D space, some objects can move out (fruits are forced to stay in the plane). If you want to throw in the 3D space, you need to focus an object by clicking on it (you will see an effect around the focused object) and you will aim now aim in that 2D plane. To go back to the center, just click any object again (the effect disappears).

Why the Ringmaster grabs my knives?

It is his life instinct plus he also loves knives! In reality this feature is made to give you a wider game experience. If you pass a knife to your friend he will try to catch it. Passing means that you throw a weapon at your friend with bounces on him with the grip part.

Where the Ringmaster throws the knives?

He aims the center of the screen. If you have hit a fruit, he will try to hit the last fruit. You can anytime command him to do exactly what you want: just focus an object by clicking on it.

I hit the Ringmaster. Still I completed the level! Is that a bug?

No. There is a trick named SACRIFICE TRICK. After completing all the required tricks you have a short time to hit your friend and get a bonus for it (instead of fail).

The Ringmaster is falling down. Is he dead?

No. Some levels he loses his balance in case you hit some object. In this case he will fall down but he stays alive (until you don’t hit him by a blade).

Future plans?

A stable online leaderboard system for every levels, all different weapons, filtered by national and world records. We want to encourage competitve playing. I have to admin I was inspired by Elasto Mania which was a really great game for competition. All records are saved and uploaded to the server and you can watch them in the pause menu (crown icon).

The game will have 40-60 fully detailed levels in the final version.

Arsenal of weapons (knives, axes, cleaver, sickle, razor blade, shuriken, fork, warhammer, saw, scapel, and a lot more funny thing like a knife holding fake-hand).

Survival mode on random generated levels.

Daily One Time Shows, where we have a new special level every day, where all players have only one chance to get a highscore. Let’s see who is the best when it’s not about practicing one level!

Challenges: Players can create challenges where a random generated level they throw 10 knives at objects and a ghost player on the other side. Once it’s done it’s not possible to cancel. When somebody accepts this challenge the two replays will be put together and played realtime, showing who is the winner.

Do you plan multiplayer?

Real physics games are very challenging to run smooth in multiplayer. But I’m a big fan of multiplayer games so I will try to find a way if you guys want it!

Who are you?

I’m Mate Magyar, a Hungarian hobbyist knife-thrower and app developer. I teamed up with a very talented programmer to create this game. I had this plan in my mind for 10 years: I wanted to make “a good knife-throwing game” which provides the joy of this activity – including the freedom to throw any style, and the difficulty of the throwing itself, which brings you the rewarding feeling of a succesful hit, the dangerousness, and most importantly: the FUN.