Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

Pre-release of 1.0

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Dear players!

Today we have released a new version. Our last 1.5 year was full of difficulties. We had health issues and other stuff. At the end of January 2024 I have found a new programmer which gave me a hope to reach 1.0. This release now has all the cool new features like the Level Editor: our goal was here to create an editor which gives the players endless possibilites.

Note: Now we are focusing on making the server faster and more stable.

You can do a lot of variance with new level properties:

The level size is unlimited, so you can create a gigantic journey as one level. Just set the time and weapon limit to ‘unlimited’. Or you want a one-knife challenge? Go ahead!

Walk and run mode. Now your hero can walk or run with different speeds. You can set the walk speed separately for normal and aiming phase, so you set a game like: only move when you are aiming, or only stop when you are moving.

Game speed change. Want a very intense level frenzy or a slow-mo scene like in the movies: you can set the game speed separately for normal and aiming phase.

Customize your level in a million ways, set your own background, ground type. If you want your level to be easy, just turn on invulnerability,

You can do a lot of variance with new items.

I cannot really tell all the things we put into this editor. You have now Clock object which starts to count down from 5000. The sooner you hit the more you earn. With this we have a game mode where the fastest wins. You can use the Drum object which makes you walk a custom distance so with this you can set multi-scene levels.

The level editor objects have a lot of features and a lot of versions. You can use a classic shape like cube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, custom, etc. You can use pre-made objects like the Blade Train. We included all the chess pieces with different jumping movement as some kind of enemy opponents. We have a bear trap which activates if anything touches it. Bombs, balloons, bowling pins, cannons, trees, bushes.

Modifier list. Once you have put down an object you can do lot of things with the Modifier List. You can turn/scale/rotate them, and add. You can modify the object with 21 physics modifier. Joints, movements, freezes, weight, gravity, bounciness, visibility, collision, fragility, blade-izer, 6 kind of engines with which you can set specific movement and behaviour. And you can set the Material and Paint Color.

Material and Paint Color: wood, hard wood, sharp wood, metal, sharp metal, rock, ground, rubber, glass, dynamite, water, acid, balloon. If it’s not enough you can set a custom paint color upon the material.

Dual Camera System to make your work easier with huge walking levels. Both camera can be customized, 2D/3D view, grid, snap. You can set the camera view size for the players, so you can make a level where your hero is very tiny.

User Level browser. When you want to play other players created levels you can filter them with 11 filters (Title, Favourite, Your progress, Walk mode, Author, Votes, Rating, Players Played, Players Completed, Playerws FirstTry, Date). You can also sort them by these attributes.

First Try completion. We have introduced a new metric, the FirstTry point. So whenever you try a new user level, you should try your best because you have one chance to beat the First Try World Record. Beside this all user level also have the old World Record list. We have so many titles so fight for so we decided its better for everyone if you start EVERY user level with Spin Knife, and all the world records and First Try records are registered only for this weapon. This is just brutal amount of content, so I need to take a breath.

A lot of new weapons (48 total!). New weapons: Pitchfork, PickAxe, Razor Blade, Uzi, Grenade, Ping Pong, Basketball, Rocket, Hook, Chainsaw, Boom Knife, Paper Plane, Bees, Grandma’s Teeth, Bottle flip challenge, Butterfly Knife, Kukri. And we have created knives which are designed for pro players because those weapons work only if you spin them with the right speed: Machete, Circus Knife, Ninja Knife, Pirate Knife, Precise Knife, Invisible Knife and the most difficult one, the Mastro Knife

Hero Customization. For gold you can customize your hero with 8 clothes, 9 Spin Knife design, 8 noses, and 6 moustaches.

Please note that this release is still not the 1.0. It has some bugs in the editor yet, and the server is laggy. Don’t spend a week to create a level yet, just wait for our next update, we will make it more stable. However we needed to go live with this version because of our past experiences. What is out there, that can’t be hurt.

We have changed the Story levels a bit too, we included walking mode, and train in some of them, The story itself evolved: now our two heroes have a name too, Newton the Knife Master, and Bob, his faithful assistant. Their mission is to be the best knife throwing duo and have an own circus over the seas, on the zombie island. When they reach the Circus, there is a surprise in the end. Everything you see and hear on the last level is the product of mine: I did it for recreation purposes when the project was in hopeless state.

Changed monetization. We removed from the game that you need to buy weapons one by one. Now each player gets unlimited free games with 3 basic weapons. All the Premium weapons can be played also with the free version: 500 free premium games are given to every player, which is quite enough to try and play them all. If you like the game, plase buy the Full Version which gives you unlimited game with premium weapons too, or if you like it a lot, buy the Mega-Supporter pack which gives you an extra skin, but the real value is here that you help the development a lot.

I hop you enjoy playing Knife To Meet You!

Mate Magyar
Knife To Meet You developer