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Knife throwing game with real physics


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Knife To Meet You is FREE TO PLAY! From now on you can unlock all game modes, weapons and levels for free. In addition, a lot of new features have been added to the game.

FREE TO PLAY: unlock every content for free

So far, the first 15 maps and the first two weapons were free. You had to buy the full version. Now you can unlock all (20+) weapons and maps for free by playing the game. As I described in a previous article, it was justified by the state of the project. The future of the game depends on whether we can get it to more players. That’s what this effort has been about, making it more important to spread the game rather than revenue. If it doesn’t spread, we can’t develop it further. So now you can collect gold as you progress, which you can use to buy weapons. In this post I will tell what’s the easiest way to earn gold.



Now we have a total of 26 weapons in the game which you can now unlock, these are:

OLD PAID WEAPONS: Axe, Fork, Cleaver, Nails, Card, Sickle, Scythe, Sword, Shuriken, Sawblade, Sabre

NEW WEAPONS: Dart, Spear, Tomahawk, Swiss Knife, Frisbee, Boomerang, Crossbow, Pistol

NEW TEST WEAPONS: They are only for testing purposes: Bottle Flip, Helicopter, Fake Hand, Scissors, PingPong

Our goal was to create weapons which are different in style and has funny behaviours. In our now weapon menu you can find a short info on how to use them. For example, the Boomerang: the more you spin, the more it comes back. If you catch it, you get +1 weapon.


Experience (XP) are represented with STARS. You can gain XP for completing Story levels. If you play in offline mode, you can unlock levels, but you will get only white stars. Later you can complete the same levels in online mode, and convert those white stars to XP. Every star worth one XP, so you can gain 3 XP per levels. You get gold rewards at 25 or 50 XP milestones. Every weapon has its own progress so you can get XP for each weapon on every levels.

SURVIVAL MODE: fun or competitive

If you have unlocked a weapon you can test your skill how far you can get in SURVIVAL mode. It also has a leaderboard, so you can see the Personal / National / World Record for each weapon on survival mode, similarly to the normal levels, but here the number of survived levels matters (instead of points).

CHALLENGES: for beginners

In this game mode also beginner players can earn easy XP and gold. Every day we have 6 new random challenge levels: 3 TRAINING, and 3 LIVE challenges (each has easy/medium/hard versions). You don’t need to be the best to get your reward, it’s enough to complete!

TRAINING CHALLENGES: In a TRAINING challenge you can earn high XP if you complete them at least once. You can restart as many time as you want. In the end of the day the player with the highest score will be rewarded with a huge gold reward.

LIVE CHALLENGES: A LIVE CHALLENGE is a live show in the circus. In this mode, every day you have ONE CHANCE to complete a live level. If you fail, the crowd will laugh at you, and you cannot restart (only next day, another level). If you win, you will be rewarded with real gold! And after midnight, the player with the most points on LIVE levels will get a huge gold reward, similarly to the TRAINING challenge.


Every day we have 64 treasure chests hidden on undiscovered battle levels, containing 1-100 gold. If you find a treasure on a level, just hit it with your knife and you instantly get your gold! On the BATTLE MAP you can see our message showing how many treasure has been found already. As the map will be more and more discovered, the chance of finding treasures will increase every day.


Our mission was to reach 60 fps on an average device. We have worked a lot and we have achieved a very good increase in performance. Now hopefully most player can play with 60 fps (full resolution, shadows).

GRAPHICS UPDATE: We added trees, bushes, plants, etc to our levels to make the game more appealing.


We created a new menu for weapons, showing a short description about how to use them. Here you can see their price and the little squares showing their difficulty (1-5). Here you also open the WEAPON DEMO.

WEAPON DEMO LEVEL: We created a demo level where you can test all of the weapons before buying it!


We created a totally new and flexible leaderboard.

MOST CROWNS: All the Story level World Records are rewarded with our most valuable prize: CROWNS. They represents that you are a current record holder on a level with a specific weapon.

MOST TROPHIES: Trophies are rewarded for the player who won the most challenges on the last week! Records can be broken but you will keep your trophies forever! They represents that you showed a glorious performance, and you ruled the game for one week. This list shows who has the most trophies.

BEST SURVIVOR: It is showing who has completed the most survival levels.

WEAPON / COUNTRY/ LEVEL FILTERS: All these lists can be filtered, so you can see who are the greatest masters of specific weapons in any category.


If you want instant access to all weapons, or you want to support the project, you can buy GOLD in the top left menu. Our biggest packet is enough to unlock all weapons.

IS THE GAME PAY TO WIN NOW? No. The game is designed not to give any advantage for someone who buys gold. It is only instant unlock, but the leaderboard is based on your records. The leaderboard can be filtered by weapons so if you select “SPIN KNIFE” which is free for all players, then the leaderboard shows only this category, where all players are equal (paid or free users).


Because we have changed our model from PAID to F2P, we wanted to compensate our previous buyers. We keep their old weapons unlocked, PLUS we give them the new ones for free, and we give 300 extra gold for future weapons! It is a minimum DOUBLE VALUE. Thank you again for your purchase!


Top left corner there are very easy achievements! You can achieve 1 gold for each tricks. We also recommend you to play Battle levels because there you can find huge gold treasures each day. It’s always recommended to complete the challenges because you can earn instant gold there! But if you want to gain a lot of gold very quickly, then:


For a limited time we reward every successful Friend Invitation with 50 gold. THIS IS 50X BIGGER REWARD NOW!!! For reference: invite 1 friend and you can buy 6 of the cheapest weapons. But our most expensive weapon also costs only 30 gold. If you invite 5 friends it means you can unlock almost all the weapons from that reward. Why is that? As I said now we are in a crutial situation: we reach more players or we stop the development. This is what we ask from if you like our game: tell your friends! Find it in the main menu, top left corner. Send your code, and if your friends paste it in the main menu, you both get the reward!

Thanks for reading, it was Knife To Meet You!
Mate Magyar

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