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Kamikaze Jump: Throw Your Head!

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Kamikaze Jump, a new feature in todays update is available in every game mode. On the bottom left you can find the Kamikaze Jump button. If you click on it, your next weapon will be your own head! Aim and release as a normal weapon, then all your body will fly the specified direction. In the air you can throw your weapons. Try to complete the level before your body hit ANYTHING. If you hit anything you will turn into a ragdoll and won’t be able to throw any more weapons.
Grace time: after turning into ragdoll we give you 3 seconds grace time. If already thrown knives complete the level during that time, you win, even if you die after the throw (fall in to blades, etc).
Use it as a last chance if you can’t complete a level – or just for fun. It’s quite amusing to see your character flying as a ragdoll through the screen, interacting with game objects (blades).
Price of the Kamikaze Jump is -300 points from your current level score. The logic behind this is to save the competitve side of the game. However it doesn’t consume any knife.

New Levels: play 50 levels, new ones added. Meet the Grandma in the wheelchair (hat trick=her glasses), the father in the glue factory (hat trick = pipe in his mouth). Play the Bridge where you have antigravity mushroom and killer barrels or the moving River level where you travel in a boat.

Bug fixes: Level fix, knife interaction fix.

Known bugs: sometimes, after playing the story levels the apples will fall on the ground on survival levels. You can fix it by restarting the game. Also the Bomb is not exploding only if u hit it by the tip. We are already working on it. Thank god we don’t see any other issue now. Sersvers are up! Accounts are saved (if you see zero gold, check if your account is connected in the settings menu), no freezing levels.! Huhh… So let those knives fly, and keep your partner alive (sometimes).

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