Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics


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Hi guys!

I can tell you that the biggest difficulty with the whole game from the beginning was how to explain to people how to throw a knife.

Knife To Meet You has a completely new throwing mechanism, not found in other games, which I called Total Throw Control, which allows you to give any weapon a custom rotation, speed and direction with a single move.
I thought it would be so much fun, I was sure it would be positively received by players, but unfortunately it wasn’t. A few people have taken the time to understand how it works, but most of the players try the familiar ways (Angry Bird style, etc) and of course fail.

I made a video to explain it. It didn’t help. I made a tutorial level in the game, where a ghost shows you exactly when to grab and release the knife to make it fly in the direction you want. It didn’t help. Players who drop in from the play store try it, don’t get it and delete it. It pains me to see all kinds of attempts when even players calling themselves reviewers post youtube videos that clearly show they have no idea how to throw it. And they say the game is too hard, when I, an old man with shaky fingers but knowing the mechanics, can hit the smallest objects. 🙂

I’m out of ideas, so I’ll appeal to players who understand the mechanics. As the developer I can’t see through the beginner’s mind. But maybe you remember what it was that helped you understand and therefore have ideas on how to make it understandable for new players.

If you can make such a video which is short and accomplishes this mission, I will put the video link in the game, your name on the staff list and forever get all future weapons and upgrades as a gift. Regarding the content: you can use any kind of approach or tool in the video. You don’t have to be technically pro, the only goal is to make it clear: How to throw in Knife To Meet You!
(If you can’t make a video but have an idea / advice, you can write it to me.)

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