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Blade Train: Christmas Update

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Hi there! Today our new 0.7.81 update is out for Knife To Meet You PC, Android and iOS.


  • +625 Battle Of Nations levels – dev test (in main menu): it’s a glimpse into what this game mode will be like (more info here). Players from the same country are increasing the size of their empire together by completing levels (tiles). We wanted to show you some extra stuff here for the holidays: Advanced graphics with nice bushes, trees, water, (if you don’t see it, set FX level higher in settings menu), red rolling skull, and a box with a blade which always finds its way into your heart. I just call it helichopper. This whole game mode is totally FREE.
  • The Blade Train: I know it is a very crazy idea in a knife throwing game but I liked it so much I put it in the game. Some of the Battle levels are on railroads. On these levels you can hit the red button on the left side to call the Blade Train, which then runs through the screen slicing everything. It is usually a killer, but you can use it to finish your objectives (or enemies).
  • A new fruit: the first player who finds it and sends us a screenshot of a fruit which was not in the game before -> wins a full version!
  • Ghost Tutorial: our biggest haunting ghost in this game project is “How to teach players to throw”. So today we trapped that ghost, pointed a sharp blade to its non existing throat forcing him to teach our dear rookie players.
  • Voice Commentary: we added more audio to make it more clear what is happening.
  • Balancing: I made some levels easier.
  • New user database: all registered players need to register again. We needed to rebuild a lot of things to make it more flexible for high scores and cloud saves. New registration is now based on google/ios account pairing so we don’t need to care about passwords and emails, and it is more safe for everyone. It also makes possible to play on more phones/tablets with the same account. But of course you can play as Guest if are looking for the quickest way. World Records were all reset. We didn’t want to do that to our most loyal players – but we needed. Hopefully for the last time.
  • Online indicator on the left top corner always shows your online status and you can reconnect by clicking on it. You can turn the indicator off by going full screen mode (bottom right button).


  • Any bug: restarting the game usually fixes the problem.
  • Slicing bug: in some cases, after playing Battle levels the normal game stops slicing fruits. Restart solves this.
  • Server issues: today we upgraded our server to 8x capacity. Still, on Battle levels if the gameplay is longer it stops with “server maintenance”. Try to finish levels faster and wait until the server finishes. If its okay you occupied that tile and then you can click on Next level button to select another tile.

I really wanted to make this Christmas bug-free, but I also wanted to spend my holiday peacefully after working a lot (today 34 hours in a row). So bugfixes are coming a little later. Until then you can try and test it and tell us if you like where the game goes.

Knife To Meet You

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