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New Trick & Leaderboard (0.592)

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Knife To Meet You Guys! Today we updated our game.

  • NEW TRICK: The Sacrifice Trick!!! Hit your friend quickly right after completing a level to get 300 points!. Ok, these are inspired by Fatalities, but here your friend commands you to “sacrifice him for the show”. So its kind and cute. 🙂
  • Leaderboard first version: crown icon in main menu shows the top players (total points, separated by demo or full version levels, and a separate list for each weapon). In next update you can see the leaderboard for each level. Not you can watch the world records ingame by clicking on the little crown icon on the top left (or crown icon in the pause menu)
  • In training mode it was hard to slice the fruits – bug fix
  • Audio ‘reverb bug’ fix
  • Replay sometimes go crazy – bug fix
  • Improving fruit-weapon contact physics
  • Improving completed screen working
  • Ringmaster catching knives bug fix
  • Ringmaster wont start to catch when hitting his hat now (you need to bounce the grip to his body)
  • Lot of level fixes and updates.
  • A new sound if you break a World or National Record – I guarantee you wont miss that! 🙂
  • Gray half apples are out of the way now (they were blocking the playing plane)
  • Fruit vs knife interaction improvement.
  • Ringmaster hat hit is slowmo now.
  • Training levels fruit hit fix and slow mo added.

We also have sad news too. We have a little audience yet, still some people find it a good fun to hack our leaderboard – so we needed to spend our development time to work on this. Thanks whoever you are.

But I hope you guys all understand these difficulties, and I hope the game will be fixed on all these points soon and can give you a very fun time!

Follow the development and help build a community because only your feedback will make this game great!

Have fun,
Mate Magyar
twitter: @ktmygame

Watch the full version taster video:

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