Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

Leaderboard: Coming Soon!

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Knife To Meet You guys! 🙂

In the end of the week we will release a new update. It will contain the followings:

  • Leaderboard first version: showing the top players (total points, separated by demo or full version levels, and a separate list for each weapon)
  • In training mode it is hard to slice the fruits – bug fix
  • PC sound bug fix
  • Replay sometimes go crazy – bug fix
  • Improving fruit-weapon contact physics
  • Improving completed screen working
  • Preparing for our new upcoming trick: The Sacrifice Trick!!!

NOTE: I was happy to see someone has already broke my record in total points! The ‘World Champion’ is a title which I happily pass to someone else! Congratz Terminal Byte! 🙂

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