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Steam Early Access launch

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Hi Throwers! 🙂

We launched the Early Access on Steam and added some new features:

  • Online Records: after every play you see your position on online leaderboard
  • World record replays show player names
  • Level completed screen now shows also the maximum possible points (the length of the bar), and the personal/national/world records (lines on the bar), and of course current point (the blue part on the bar).
  • Levels restructured: 10 normal +10 training levels in free version, 20+10 in paid.
  • Tutorials added
  • News panel added
  • Ringmaster death action camera!

I have to tell you it’s not easy to develop a game for both PC and mobil at the same time. For example prices and purchases works very differently. I want the game to be playable without any limitation on both platforms, still it needs to cover our development costs.

Why the demo has only 10 story levels? I was watching youtubers gameplays, and I found that even the first few levels have so much to do/try/improve that the youtuber didn’t even make it to the end of the demo. And making a demo too long… Yeah, thats some kind of a suicide for a game. So thats why we restructured the levels (and we added 10 training levels to compensate), but still looking for the best way for free + paid players.

I’m still looking for the best platform to build a community where we could talk more directly :).

Mate Magyar
Knife To Meet You (creator)
twitter: @ktmygame

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