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Knife throwing game with real physics

Huge price reduction + demo removal!

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As you could notice we made a huge price reduction (25 to 15 USD) and we have removed the demo from the Steam store. It’s no problem for me to tell you the logic behind it. 🙂

People don’t really care about demos nowadays. Demos are not standard things on Steam – we can say they are very rare. People like to own the full game or if they are unsure, they go with the 2 hour moneyback guarantee which can help them decide.
We had this 25 price because we also had the free demo – so NOW – as we removed the demo WE ALSO REDUCED THE PRICE BY 40%.

Another reasons why demos are very bad for us is that DEMOS CANNOT BE RATED. Our chance to get noticed is through getting a good rating. But even the biggest fans will remain silent if there is no button to express their opinion. And in this phase we need LOUD PLAYERS. 🙂

A fantastic gameplay review from the German youtube superstar, Paluten

We were shocked to see a 4M follower guy found our game interesting. Thanks Paluten! 🙂
Watch this video as it gives a very good picture about the game. Only thing I was frustrated aboutt is that he didn’t realize he needed to do the RED TRICKS (shown at the bottom) to complete the levels :). But I was very happy to see someone “feeling the game” and not only awkward random throws. We know that game is not easy for first, but that’s the price for the flexibility to throw those knives in any way – which can be achieved by practicing. Knife throwing is not easy and we keep feeling that it is the right thing for the game in the long run. We focus on interactivity, freedom, and replayibility – and our throwing system serves these things better.

A new update is coming soon!

In a few days we will have a new update with improved graphics, more stable replay system, fixed online connection and a lot more so keep those wooden eyes open!

Mate Magyar

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