Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

Test Version Launch!

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Hi guys, we created this site to be the home of all the links and news you need to know about Knife To Meet You game.

Both the game and the site is under development, so first of all here are the most important links to help us in social media – if you like our game:

Join our Discord server

Google Play

Features representation video

We need your feedback!

The alpha demo you see is only for testing purposes. We need a lot of feedback to know:

  • what kind of levels you find fun
  • what scoring system works the best

Please write your feedback to

Our principles:

These are the basic principles we use while developing the game:

  • Skill based gameplay: we want the game to be skill based, decreasing the luck factor as much as possible.
  • Competitiveness. we want the gameplay to be saveable, replayable, and uploadable to a world leaderboard. We want the feeling in every 10 second game you have a chance to throw a world record.

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