Knife To Meet You

Knife throwing game with real physics

Trick System explained

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In the game you can stuck, slice, pierce, and pin object. But to make a really high score you need to complete as many tricks as possible (with as few knives as possible). On every level you can see which Tricks (RED icon color) you need to do to complete that level (usually apple + target, but some later levels need to do other tricks). If a Trick is not required, you still get bonus for completing it. Here are the TRICKS you can do:

  • Target Hit: all target scores only once 0-500 points.
  • Objective Hit: These objects must be hit to complete the level (usually apples).
  • Bonus Hit: You can complete a level without hitting them. Bonus objects are hidden or behind some barrier sometimes (usually pears).
  • Double Combo Trick: 200 points! Hit the same object again. The hit can be STUCK or SLICE. If you STUCK, it will push the object in to the right. The knife stucks into the object, flying with it, and cannot interact with other objects. If you SLICE an object, one half will be the colorful “active one” staying in the aiming plane (your 2D plane where all targets are). The other half will be the gray “passive one” which is not comboable.
  • Triple Combo Trick: 300 points! Make a final (third) hit to a Double Combo-ed object (STUCKING object or SLICED object active half) and this is the triple combo. This final hit can be a STUCK or a SLICE again. If you final hit is a STUCK, it will PIERCE the object (see PIERCE TRICK) which means the knife will go through the object and the knife will fly on, carrying the object and the knife stays active (so it can hit other objects). If this active piercing knife hits something it will be a PIN TRICK (see below). If your final hit is a SLICE, your knife will fly on (it can hit other objects).
  • Hat Trick: Hit your friend’s hat without hitting him!
  • Team Trick: Pass a knife to your friend and make it hit something! If a knife bounces to your friend with GRIP, then he will try to catch it. He will catch it if it’s not flying too fast. After the catch your friend will wait a short time (in this waititng time you can pass him more knives so he can hold even 10 knives). After that he will throw his knife. His target will be the scene center if there was no object hit before. If you have hit some objects, then his target will be the last hit object. But you can command him anytime to target a FOCUSED object (FOCUS an object by clicking on it).
  • Backhand Trick: Throw with reverse spin and hit an object (targets, fruits)!
  • Spin Trick: Spin the knife at least 450 degrees before hitting an object (targets, fruits)!
  • Overtake Trick: Combo an object (double or triple) but in different order! For example: throw a knife in the air and hit and object once or twice with your 2-3. knife and let the first one finishes the combo. Tip: this trick can be combined with Team trick: pass a knife to your friend, hit a target, and if you are lucky your friend will combo the object with the first knife.
  • Pierce Trick: In the third phase of a combo, hit the object with STUCK hit to PIERCE it. Your knife will fly on with the object in it. Cards and your friend’s Hat are special objects which can be pierced only with one hit (you cannot combo those objects).
  • Pin Trick: Pierce an object. Your knife will be flying on. If the flying knife makes a STUCK hit on a second object, it will PIN the pierced object to the second object.
  • Sacrifice Trick: After completing all the required tricks, your friend asks you to sacrifice him for the show! You need to do it very quickly (before the drum ends).

Extra tip: whenever you are stuck on a level you can always watch the current world record by going into pause menu and click on the crown icon.

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